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Where can I build a campfire at Olancha Resort?


Campfires are allowed only in park-provided fire rings or fireplaces.  Valve-operated, portable propane stoves may be used only in established campsites and picnic areas where fires are allowed.   Additional fire restrictions may be in place.


Can I bring my own firewood to Olancha Resort?


You may bring your own firewood, but please be mindful of where it is sourced from. Please protect our Southern California High Desert from invasive species by getting your firewood at the campground, or close to it.  Firewood can carry insects and diseases that threaten the health of our desert and forests.  You can make a difference. For more information, visit


Who can reserve/rent a site/room?


You must be 18 years old or older to reserve or rent tipis, cabins, campsites/RV spots, or other overnight facilities. The registered camper is responsible for the activities of everyone at the site. 


How long are the RV sites at Olancha Resort?


 Our park can accommodate RVs up to 65 feet in length.

We offer 30/50 amp full hook-ups.


What if I arrive late? 


We do have a late check-in process.  When you arrive, you will go to the cafe/office, and there you will find a white envelope with your last name on it.  Inside will be a map and/or key to your unit and additional information about the property.  We will hold your reservation until 11 am the day after your scheduled day of arrival.  We have a 48 hour cancelation policy.  You will be charged with the credit card reserved on the booking.  If you do not show up and you have multiple nights, the room/spot/tipi will be released.  You will only be charged for the first night.


Can I collect plants, minerals, animals, artifacts/fossils?

Plant life and natural resources may not be picked, cut, removed or mutilated.  Please leave artifacts in place. Archaeological sites are our country's legacy.  When artifacts are removed or damaged, that legacy cannot be restored. 


Is my service animal allowed to accompany me? 

Yes.  We are a pet friendly establishment.  We charge a fee of $20 per pet, per night.  All animals must always be restrained while on the property.  Please be responsible for your pet's waste matter.

Corporate Office hours:
Mon-Fri.  9am-5pm
(818) 368-1151

Lone Pine Lake, Mt. Whitney

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